Nice to meet you, I'm Taylor Lynn Chamlee
I am currently a senior at The University of Texas at Tyler. I am majoring in Mass Communications with a focus in Multimedia Journalism. I am also double minoring in Graphic Design and Spanish. My primary passion is photography, but I enjoy writing and designing nearly as much. I adore animals and children, and every opportunity I have to photograph them is one that I jump on.
I graduated from Coronado High School in 2015. After graduating from college May 2018 I will return to San Diego and move in with my soon to be husband, Patricio. Eventually I will obtain a Masters in Early Childhood Education and become a teacher.
I am currently working as a Staff Writer/Summer Intern at an online newspaper, Coronado Times.
I have an amazing dog, Baily, and am the favorite of my families two cats, Camelot and Phoenix. I enjoy hiking, dancing, reading, swimming, and discussing everything from movies to politics to the universe with anyone who is willing to talk. I will cross the street to pet your dog and go to the zoo at least once a week when I am on school breaks.
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